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Pool Maintenance

Q & A - Aqua Management, INC

The two most common questions we ask are:

Q. Are you already certified?

  • A. Yes! (Fill out an application!)
  • A. No. ( Fill out an application. We offer Lifeguard certification training courses.)
  • A. I don't know. (That's ok! Fill out an application and we will help you figure it out.)

Q. Do you need to renew your 2 year lifeguarding or CPR certificate?

  • A. Yes! ( Ok, just let us know. We offer renewal classes for both.)
  • A. No, I'm good to go! ( Great! Just send us over your current certifications.)
  • A. I don't know. ( That's ok! Send us what you have and we will look it over and let you know what you need to do.)

Some other questions you might have...

Q. How old do I have to be to become a lifeguard?

    A. You must be 15 years old to train and work as a lifeguard.

Q. Do I have a job with you if I take your Lifeguard Training Course?

    A. You are guaranteed a job with us as long as you are able to pass the training course.
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